At SXSW 2018, The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched a campaign alongside global tech leaders from the US and London to promote greater inclusivity for the tech community – #BehindEveryGreatCity calling on the tech community to shine a spotlight on best practices of inclusivity in the workplace.

Our brief was to share the numerous case studies and positive stories that demonstrate our shared values of fairness, openness, equality and diversity across London and the US in a film to be shown around the event in Austin, Texas.

Filming women in tech across Silicon Valley, San Francisco and London we captured stories from Julie Hanna, Crystal Hutter, Julia Hartz, Obi Felton, Adriana Gascoigne, Dupsy Abiola, Reshma Sohoni, Tabitha Goldstaub, Tracy Young, Tamara Rajah, Sherry Coutu and Sadiq Khan. Film views: 1,619,172 Total potential impressions across social: 439 million for entire campaign.