The objective was to raise awareness of this pre school channel showing parents/carers that Cartoonito is a trusted and fun destination.


Casting children aged between 4-6 years could guarantee captivating, endearing and wildly imaginative storytelling typical of this age group. Natural, unscripted performances that engaged the viewer were essential – not seeming contrived, integral. The animated element added an extra touch of magic to bring their storytelling to life. The results surpassed expectation with an 85% recall rate amongst the target group and an instant rise in viewers.


‘The campaign launched late in the year and was considered by our VP as campaign of the year, testament to Sally and her team’s hard work to bring the concept to life in an original way. Its authenticity captured the attention of both parents and pre-schoolers and raised awareness of Cartoonito as a trusted destination full of characters loved by its audience.’

Sally Bezant, Marketing Director, Turner Broadcasting

Winner Gold Promax US 2012
Nominated Promax UK & Europe 2012
New York Festival Finalist 2013